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Have you lost or found a pet?
Call animal control in your town first! We do not pick up animals in the city limits of Clinton, OK. We are a private rescue and the city is responsible for animal control. Call the Clinton Police Dept. at 580-323-2323.

We would be happy to share lost and found pets, email us to have it listed on our Facebook page. We have connected pets back to their owners many timesthis way.

E-mail us at:
Include electronic photos, contact information-phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

We DO NOT take drop off pets you don't want anymore. Our shelter remains full at all times and usually has a long waiting list for intakes. Email us and we can share your pet info and help you find a new home for it. 

 If Your Dog Is Lost..............

Even the most careful pet owner can lose their dog. A houseguest may leave a door or window open or your dog may wander off through a hole in your fence that you never noticed. Unfortunately, dogs go missing every day—and if you need proof, just look at all the LOST DOG flyers posted to telephone poles and bulletin boards in your neighborhood.

Prevention and Precautions

The time to prepare for the possibility that your dog can go missing is now, when he’s safe at home. Here are a few things you can start to do today:

Identification tags. Make sure your dog wears identification tags at all times. The ID tags should have current information and be easy to read.

Microchips. The use of identification microchips has become popular, and for good reason: microchips have helped reunite many lost dogs and their owners.

Prepare a LOST DOG kit. Your kit should include recent pictures of your dog (both paper photos and electronic photo files for Internet posting), ready-to-post LOST DOG flyers with your dog’s photo and an accurate written description of your dog, and a phone number where you can be reached at any time. You may want to think twice before publicizing your name and address because making sure you stay safe during your search is an important part of bringing your best friend back home. Include phone numbers to the local Animal Control and Rescue Shelters so you can notify them about your lost dog. 

Close off areas of possible escape. Check and double-check your home to ensure that there aren’t any open doors, windows, or gates that your dog could slip through. Check around your fences to make sure there aren’t any craters or tunnels under your fences that lead to the world outside. If your dog is small, remember that he may be able to squeeze through very tight places to make his escape.

Check your dog’s leash and collar. . A loose collar, broken leash fastener, or threadbare leash could allow your dog to get loose when you’re out for a walk and he gives it a tug. Invest in a quality leash and collar—and make sure you use them properly.

What to do when your dog is lost

Sometimes, despite all precautions, a dog manages to go missing. The first thing to do is to stay calm. It’s natural to be worried, but if you don’t stay calm, you won’t be able to take the steps necessary to help find your dog. Here are some next steps:

Search your home carefully. Look all over your home, including the basement, behind appliances, and under blankets and beds to make sure your dog isn’t right there under your nose.

Search the neighborhood. Dogs can wander far and wide, so ask your friends and neighbors to help you look for your dog. Take a flashlight with you to help you look into dark places. (A lost and frightened dog may seek refuge in a dark, secluded place.) And don’t be shy—shout your dog’s name. If he hears your familiar voice, he may come running to you. And if he has a favorite squeak toy, take that, too. The sound may reach his ears and lure him to your side.

Notify your local authorities. Tell your local police department, animal shelter, and animal control authorities about your lost dog. They’re experts when it comes to finding lost dogs in the area where you live.

Post LOST DOG notices and read FOUND DOG messages in local newspapers. People who find lost dogs often read these notices to see if any description matches the dog they’ve found. You may also find a "Found Dog" notice that matches your dog’s description. Place your animal’s photo on Social Media sites and links to your friends. Pawboost is another good resource. List your dog missing on the Pawboost site and they send out notices to everyone in the area that is a member of their group.

Place LOST DOG flyers. Make sure your flyers have your dog’s photo, the name he answers to, and your contact information. And remember, rewards are good incentives to get other people looking, too. However, you don’t have to mention the amount of the reward. The word "reward" is sufficient.

Place his bed or other favorite items outside your house. These are things with your dog’s scent deeply ingrained in them. Dog’s have an ultra-sensitive sense of smell and your lost pooch may actually follow his nose home.

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