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Adoption application
1) Submit Adoption Application
• Complete your adoption application, including your veterinarian information, landlord (if applicable), etc. An e-mail address is required, if you do not have a personal e-mail, provide one where the individual would be in contact with you regularly. If you do not currently have a vet, please indicate the vet you intend to use for your new pet. We know our application may seem lengthy, but our questions are necessary to evaluate you as a candidate for a Friends for Life (FFL) pet.

2) Initial Telephone Interview
• Within 1 - 6 days after online submittal of your application a FFL representative will conduct your initial interview by telephone if our Adoption Committee decides to pursue your application.

• If you do not hear from a FFL representative within 7 days after submission, please assume we are not going to pursue your application. We apologize in advance for not being able to contact every applicant.

3) Reference Check
• A FFL representative will call all references, especially your vet and landlord (if applicable), if we wish to proceed with your application after the initial review.

4) The Home Visit
• If FFL finds all references give positive feedback and every other requirement has been met to this phase of our process, one of our Adoption Committee members may contact you to arrange a brief home visit. We will ask you to demonstrate a day in the life of your potential adopted pet and evaluate the environment and conditions for the pet.

5) Adoption Approval
• After the home visit, our Adoption Committee convenes - usually virtually - to discuss your application and lessons learned as we worked through each phase of our process. From this collaborative review, our Adoption Committee will make the final decision on your application and inform you of their decision in short order.

• We do not release any information collected from references, the home visit, or any other source used to make our decision on applicants.

• If you are approved to adopt a FFL pet, you must sign and submit to FFL our legally binding adoption contract along with your adoption donation(if paying by check make to FFL). Recommended adoption donations are $40.00 to $250.00 depending on the animal.

• Pick your new pet up from the applicable foster home.

6) Multiple Applications for the Same Pet

• If we have multiple applications submitted for the same pet, our adoption committee will make a decision based on the best home for the particular pet. We DO NOT process applications or adopt our pets out on a 'first-come, first-served' basis.

• If you are not chosen for a particular pet, please do not be offended or insulted. Our first priority is to find the absolute best home for our pets, each of whom has unique characteristics and attributes. FFL will assist you in selecting another pet or will suggest other pets that will be best suited for your particular circumstances, if we have such a pet.

• FFL conducts a thorough matching process per applicant to assure the pet you indicate on your application is the best fit for your household. If we determine your desired pet is not the best fit, we will suggest another pet or pets that would be more appropriate.

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