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Animal Success Stories
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Lady got a new mom and a little girl to play with.


Lucy was adopted!


Lola with her new mom getting ready for a happy Christmas!

Lady 2017

Dec 2017 Lady got an early home for Christmas!

Lola 2012
Lola 2012

I just had to tell you how much this sweet lil dog already means to me. For all she has been through being dumped and homeless and who knows what else, she continues to blow me away by the way she is so loving and trusting. Her foster mom, Brooke, has done a tremendous job with her. It makes me so joyful to see her and my lil Chewy (dog) run and play together. They are so happy. She completes our little family. Thank you FFLAS members/volunteers for making this possible. I am crying now because I don’t think you have a clue what you bring to families that have been through a major tragedy and loss. My son is so full of smiles too. He was in a car crash 10 years ago and is helpless. He cannot eat by mouth, walk, talk, etc. And we are always seeking some sort of happiness for him and Miss Lola is a huge hit. They are best buds and she rides with him in his wheelchair like a princess. Brooke, your act of kindness has touched our hearts. I can’t even tell you in words except THANK YOU. I hope this is a great reminder of the importance of what all of you are doing. We cannot thank you enough. FFLAS ROCKS!

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