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Genevieve and her new mom! We are so happy for them both!


Dear Foster Mom Vicky, This is written in pencil because I’m dictating to mom and she makes lots of mistakes foe someone who took shorthand at 110 wpm she sure is a mess now! Enclosed is a small gift to thank you for everything you did for me. Mom says I am the perfect dog! I’ve never had an accident in the house – oh, except that one time I had to teach Mom a lesson – she didn’t take me out when I first woke up. However, she’s a fast learner & has not repeated that behavior! I’ve completed my second behavior class at Pet Therapy Partners in Huntsville. I am a model student & they’ve asked me to start Pet Therapy Classes so I can become a certified Therapy Dog. Mom, however, Mom is a little slower then me. The usual class goes like this “Good Dog Gypsy!” “Stand up straighter, Gina!” “Good dog Gypsy!” “Gina, faster with that clicker & those treats!” I’ve made new friends with my neighbors, Brody & Lucky. We have playtime in my backyard whenever the weather allows. I also walk mom for one hour everyday on the golf course. I got lots of toys for Christmas – a chipmunk, a lobster and a “Dog Brick”. The dog brick has treats hidden in it – which took me 5 seconds to learn how to play – I’m a champion already. Mom reminds me everyday when I sit, wait, stay, down, front, place & come that you taught me all those things & all she has to do is say the word. She calls you angel Vicky and I agree. Thanks for finding me the perfect Mom and Dad. I am becoming a Dixie Dog so “Hoping Yawl have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know you will put my gift to good use by performing more rescues of my brothers and sisters. Love, Gypsy Moffitt formerly Shadow the strip club Carin.

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