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Animal Success Stories
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Fayth is no longer wandering the streets. She found a wonderful family!


Figaro and his new family. Yippee!


Freddy and his new best friend. They are going to have great adventures together.


At the October 10th Critter Carnival my family adopted Flash (an adorable German Shepherd/Basset Hound pup). We walked Flash home from the park that afternoon after introducing him to our neurotic beagle (Angel) who we adopted 5 years ago. Flash came right into our home as if he had always been here. Day one with Flash was hectic as he learned the ropes about potty training (made a little harder by an upset GI tract probally from doggy treats during the carnival). He met all 4 of our cats who to his utter dismay did not actually want to play with hime (Go figure!) and he adjusted to our beagle even sleeping on top of her (Though is 3x her size!). We bought him a new doggie dish and daog crate with fluffy pillow for when the weather isn't nice outside and he must be inside while we are away. (Of course, this meant our beagle had to get all new stuff too. No dog spoilage in our home! No way!) By day 2 he was really in the swing of things! We were very proud of him! He is exceptionally smart! Hardly any accidents in the house and he learned 3 voice commands - Get it!, Let go! and Bring it!. What a good boy! He loves his sock toys, squeak toys, and new tennis balls too. He is learning the difference between these and shoes, barbies and mom's fingers.. On day 3 he went for his first check up at the vet. He was so good. Got a little medicine for his tummy and he takes it like a professional. What a good dog! He also went with me to pick up the kids at school and to a soccer practice. He loves socializing with the children and they love him right back! Flash's favorite place to sleep is with my 15 year old son. They are becoming best buddies and have been taking long walks together throughout the town. My son has discovered that Flash's irrestible face is a chick magnet! (TeeHeeHee!) Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks for helping us adopt such a magnificent dog! We love him very much! Jessica & Alex

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