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Animal Success Stories
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This dog is the life of the party. She is always game to go with me to feed cows or fix fence or haul a load of cattle to the Apache Livestock Sale. She's been to the Wichita Mountain's Wildlife Refuge numerous times. She has been the subject of our Christmas greetings and emails more than once. She has 4 dog siblings as well as several cat pals. She can be a cuddle bug or an active farm dog. She always makes us laugh and/or brings a smile to our face. She does have a streak of jealousy in her tho. And boy can she get dirty. We were very fortunate to get her and so grateful to Rita and Lynn who helped us with that by holding her til convenient for us to get there to pick her up. Her name Carmella was in reference to her coloring but we changed it to Rainy because we had to cross Rainy Mountain creek and go by the signs of a ranch by the same name on the day we came to get her (or something similiar) AND it was raining that day. She loves to play in the rain and water so the name stuck. She is the smallest dog we have but possibly the biggest personality. She is an ornery little gal, a real corker and clown, and we are so glad to have her in the family.

Che (Chay)

Che and her new mom are both very happy to have found each other.


Chandler and her new mom!


Cheyenne (on the left) is getting along really well in her new home with her new friend.


Update on Bud (Canute). We just absolutely adore him!! He is such a well behaved dog and learns things so quickly. Amber, I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate the time you all put into training him, it really shows!! He is just a delight! He's our little shadow and snuggle bug :-) I feel thankful everyday that we get to be his forever home and I just can't believe people passed him up b/c they really missed out!! Although that worked for us :-) So, in case you were ever wondering how he was doing, he's doing wonderfully!! He and Pete love to wrestle and play with each other and I think he's actually teaching Pete a lot of good stuff! We can't imagine life without him! Thank you again for taking such good care of him and know that we are loving him to pieces everyday :-)

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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